Even the most sophisticated business network can be vulnerable to malicious attacks, hackers, viruses and even corporate thieves. Securing your software and hardware – not just today but into tomorrow- is essential. Securing it properly takes the right tools customized to your specific business needs.

Starting with a thorough security audit, Edgewater IT will scrutinize your entire IT infrastructure to see what you should do to prevent hackers from penetrating your network. We can implement integrated, layered levels of security including infrastructure maintenance and automatic security updates to make sure your network is running with the optimum security protection.

Desktops, file servers, mail servers and even smart phones need to be protected to block attacks. You also need to be alerted swiftly to problems so you can act quickly since sophisticated hackers and viruses can stop your business for hours or even days.

Even internal security risks can lead to lost data, disabled workstations and networks. As you weight your many security options, think about implementing these simple office tips:

  • Ask employees to use “strong” passwords, to change them regularly and not to share them with other employees. Ideal passwords contain a mix of numbers and letters
  • Encrypt sensitive information
  • Back up regularly – onsite and offsite
  • Don’t forget about mobile devices when implementing security tools
  • Test to make sure your data can be recovered quickly if needed
  • Instruct employees to avoid suspicious websites