Hourly Rate

Sure, there are IT companies that will charge you $30-$50 dollars an hour, but in the end you will be calling somebody who really knows what they are doing to clean up the mess they make. Why not start out right and get it done, once? I’m a firm believer in “no news is good news”. If I don’t hear from you after I’m done with your systems, then that’s good news because It’s working!
Hourly Rate – $100.00 per hour
No mileage charge if under 25 miles
No charge for tolls 
No Contracts

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Most I.T Companies charge on a “per”  service basis.  We charge an hourly flat fee.  This buys you many fixes instead of the single “per” service. Some examples of what we do.

  • Firewall Installation
  • Server Installation
  • Hyper V
  • Operating System Installation
  • Disk Imaging / Disk Cloning
  • Move your data from your old PC to your new one
  • Download and install Windows updates
  • Application installation
  • Add Computer to local domain if applicable
  • Hard Drive installation
  • Internal Component Installation
  • Printer Setup
  • WiFi Setup (including 802.1x Radius)