I’m Anthony Bakker, Owner/Operator of Edgewater I.T. LLC. Edgewater I.T. LLC is not affiliated with any other company and is a sole proprietorship LLC in the state of Florida serving Lee County. When I first moved to Miami, I was stunned to see how some of the local IT support companies treated their clients. I decided to establish my own IT consulting company to help recommend best-practice, long-term solutions that better support business growth throughout Miami.

Having your infrastructure setup correctly now saves money, frustration, and time in the future. By focusing on problem solving with a commitment to honesty, integrity and the client’s best interest, I strive to have a lasting impact on each business I serve. I’m looking forward to bringing the future of technology and IT service to the Miami business sector and into the local non profit organizations in particular.

From 1999 to 2013 I was in a corporate environment in the hyper-competitive Seattle tech industry where I was the Senior Infrastructure Architect and Senior Engineer. I was the head of design, security, testing, and implementation of new business systems. I utilized and implemented the latest technologies for a business whose gross annual income was $30 million dollars. For years, I was able to maintain a 99.97% uptime, a benchmark I carry into my efforts at Edgewater IT.

My previous 16 year career as an aircraft mechanic helped me transition into the challenging field of IT. The level of perfection and attention to detail required as an aircraft mechanic has helped me create the advanced IT services Edgewater IT offers everyday. I am still licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration, but my focus is now on the IT infrastructure of small and medium sized Miami businesses.

As your Technology Consultant, I offer recommendations and systems explanations that make sense to small business owners. No unneeded tech jargon, just in-depth analysis and systems recommendations to get your business working at its best. Let’s work together to get things done.

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