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DHCP Policy Based Assignment Windows Server 2012

How DHCP Policy Based Assignment Works-
DHCP policies are rules that you can define for DHCP clients. You can define a single policy, or several. Characteristics of DHCP policies include:

*Policy level: Polices can apply at the server level or the scope level. Server level policies are processed for all DHCP client requests received by the server. Scope level policies are processed only for DHCP client requests that apply to a specific scope.

*Processing order: Each policy has an associated processing order that is unique within a server or scope. Policies with a lower numbered processing order are evaluated before higher number policies. If both scope and server level policies apply to a client, the scope level policies are always processed before any server level policies.

*Conditions: The conditions specified in a policy enable you to evaluate clients based on fields that are present in the DHCP client request. If a client request matches the conditions in the policy, the settings associated with a policy will be applied to the client by the DHCP server when it responds to the DHCP request.

*Settings: Settings are network configuration parameters (ex: IP address, options, lease duration) that are provided to DHCP clients in the DHCP server response. Settings enable you to group clients by applying the same set of network parameters to them.

*Enabled/Disabled: Policies at the scope or server level can also be enabled or disabled. A policy that is disabled is skipped when processing incoming DHCP client requests.

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