Accounting Database Backups

I know I sound like a broken record but I can’t say enough about the importance of properly closing your accounting databases at the end of the work day.

Recently I had a client where the users NEVER logged out of the database.  As we all know, Microsoft forces updates and your computer reboots, which can cause data corruption if the database is left open.  Leaving databases open also effects backup so you may or may not get a good backup.  This particular client was unable to work for over a week while the accounting software support company repaired the data. This also shows the importance of having software support.

Restoring a backup wasn’t the answer because the software vendor had already “fixed” the database so Accounting thought it was ok to add new data. Turns out the vendor didn’t really fix the database and there was failure after two days.  A restore from the last known working file was impossible because the other database system it was connected to would have failed.

This is what user should be doing at the end of the work day-

  • Properly close data (not by clicking the X in the corner but using either a Logout or Exit)
  • Close all documents and spread sheets.
  • Lock or Log Off the Computer